Cos you’re going to be introduced to a better way of betting

 A better combination of games that yields far greater results

Now, I’m not talking of fixed odds. 

This is no fixed odd or whatsoever

This is actually the normal betting we’re all involved in, but a different approach entirely

a result of some years of my aggressive exploration of the football betting space, which I’ll definitely be showing off some fantastic results on here

Everything I’ll be sharing with you here is to get you to start betting the right way

To Stop throwing away your money

To Forget the big teams, to forget the big leagues. They’re are traps set for you to keep falling into. You’ll just keep losing with them

Premier League

 LA Liga 

Serie A 


Ligue 1 


Primiera Liga 

and the rest of them are all the same. If it’s not Ajax today, it will be Liverpool tomorrow, and the loss continues.

You MUST quit betting on this leagues as a matter of urgency.

Cos the truth is that you’ll never hit big with them. There will always be a “bad egg” amongst them to mess your ticket up. I learnt this lesson years back and I’ve never looked back since then.

Now I’m not saying that you’ll never win tickets with the big leagues. Of course you will. but it’s very difficult to leave the trenches with the big teams. I just don’t know why, but that’s the truth.

Imagine trying to raise ordinary 50+ odds with 1.20 every weekend?? How many games you’ll have to accumulate in a ticket. Is that not madness?? That’s definitely ridiculous, and that is what the bookies want you to keep doing, so you can continue to lose. They want you to keep accumulating as much as 20 games in one ticket. Because there is always be a big team to disappoint you at the end of the day.

So If you want to escape the trenches soon, you have to start betting the right way, start narrowing your games. Start banking on teams with little or no media attention. That’s actually where the money is. Forget Man City, Bayern Munich, Real Madrid, Barcelona and the rest. Just forget about the big guns. They’re not worth the risk when there are better combination of games that can definitely change your life.

You think about I’m joking???

Take a look at this….

You don’t need a long long combo of games. You just need to target the right games with very rewarding odds and you’re good to go.

This is what I’ve been doing for about a year now and believe me it’s been a journey worthwhile.

I just go for the right kind of games with nice odds, stake a good amount and wait for the result.

Of course I lose a lot also, but my profits have been definitely over the moon.

This is the way forward. The bookies want you to keep accumulating and piling up the games. You must stop now.

Another example of what I’m trying to explain to you

The only thing you need is the right game and a good stake. That is specifically the reason I decided to get this across to as much people as possible. So people can get Involved and benefit from my wealth of knowledge in this space. However, this knowledge didn’t come for free. I had to go the extra mile for it.

It all started when I had enough of 1 game always cutting my ticket. I started believing some of these matches may actually be fixed. Cos I couldn’t just imagine why same thing happen almost every time. I started exploring and investigating in-depth.

I even read some publications on match fixing scandals hoping to discover some secrets. Unfortunately, no significant discovery was made.

My roommate even thought I had gone mad. Cos I approached it like my life depended on it. I started using prediction sites and trust me, they’re scam.

That was how I continued trying and failing hopelessly. It wasn’t easy, but I kept saying to myself that if there are people earning a living from betting, then I deserve to be part of the list.

Then I later gave up on straight win and started playing corner-kicks. That was even the worst.

Through and through the whole time it got to a point where I almost gave up.

What changed??

I discovered something special. Something incredible, and for year or thereabouts now, I’ve been winning.

Yes I’ve been winning overwhelmingly against the bookmakers.

See what I’ve made already this November

Of course I’ve been losing many tickets, but nevertheless for the first time since my betting journey, I dare to beat my chest and say I’m winning.

This is October bet list

Its important for me to show all these so you can stop wasting your money 

Like I told you already, you have to forget about the big leagues. They’re pure scam.

With the kind of games I’ve shown you already, you should already be having a change of mind.

Just like this too…

This is what people fail to understand. Low odds are bad for betting. That’s just the truth. A very fine combo and fine stake is just perfect. However, these ‘fine combos’ are not easy to assemble. It’s not been easy for me to make my research and investigation on them, to the extent of even profiting from.

I know you might be wondering what I’m driving at

Well, I’ll tell you


My name is Dolapo Hamzat, a graduate of The University of Ibadan, a betting enthusiast, and passionate football follower.

Yes I’m very much in love with football and football betting. That’s actually what I spend most of my day and night exploring and working on.

Now moving forward, the core reason I put together this write-up is to unravel to those of you in the betting industry how wrong you’ve been going and more importantly, the need for you all to thread a better and more rewarding trajectory in the betting industry.

For this purpose, I’m running a campaign across various social media platforms with the intent of galvanizing as much people as possible into one platform where I’d be dropping my games regularly for everyone to play so we can all win together.

This platform is a Whatsapp group created specifically to fulfil this purpose I already mentioned.

However, this Whatsapp group is exclusive, and membership is #5000 monthly.

Yes it’s not free, and you shouldn’t expect it to be free cos I’m not father Christmas. I also want to earn money while helping you make money, so it then becomes a win-win for us all.

This should even be a no-brainer for you, given the fact that you’ve been throwing so much money away over the years to these bookies, if not you wouldn’t be here reading this piece.

Moreover, I really want a good number of people to get involved with this my initiative, that’s particularly the reason I left it at just #5,000. I’m sure you’ll definitely thank me later. With the kind of numbers I’ve done this year and looking forward to doing, anyone who gets involved with me will most definitely give testimonies before this year runs out.

The goal is to build an exclusive community for young, keen and passionate individuals to earn a livelihood from their football enthusiasm.

My much emphasis on ‘exclusive’ is to be able to separate the wheat from the chaff amongst you. To be able to attract only serious minded people with the primary aim of becoming a nightmare for the bookies.

Another important reason also, is for you to stop throwing money away in the name of betting. You’re just dashing those guys your money. How do you think you’d win in the long run?? By combining 20 matches in one ticket?? Or by hoping all the big teams will deliver simultaneously?? 

This is exactly what you need to start doing

Only favour you can do for yourself now is to FOLLOW WHO KNOW ROAD.

Let me take you back to September so you can see that this is no fluke

Money apart, I really want as many serious-minded people as possible to be part of this community. 

There’s actually more fun winning together with others.

Also, it’s gonna be quite amazing to have hundreds or thousands of people with a common passion in a single community.

I thought about this idea for a long long while, and now I hope it’ll finally become a reality.

The question now is, how do you become a member of this exclusive group???

Simply click the green button below to send me a message on Whatsapp. Then I’ll direct you to pay a sum of #5000 to my account.

Send me a receipt of your payment, and you’ll be added.

Please and please, don’t come to my DM and beg me. 

Be guided.

I’m waiting for you all.