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I discovered something recently, and I’m going to share it with you but before then, I hope your day is great?  Do you know lemon can act as a deodorant? Well, it’s just something I found out recently, it has a good fragrance and if used to scrub the underarm; it helps prevent armpit from dirt, so using lemon as an exfoliator goes a long way in regulating the degree to which we sweat and a lot extra in eradicating odor/ dirt.

Many people use lemon and sugar to scrub their faces which serves as an exfoliator for home remedies but haven’t come to realize that it can also serve other purposes. Do you also know that you can use lemon to add fragrance to your refrigerator? Imagine a bulked fridge, with various contents that produce an odd smell, from groceries to various foods kept preserving for days. All combined emanates what we can term a foul odor, thus affecting its immediate environ, all you just have to do is to divide lemon into two and put in there, it gives a refreshing smell.

It’s natural for the body to produce sweat, and this occurs when we are dehydrated. Although there are other reasons why people sweat as many don’t know, dehydration plays a major role in making people sweat. Most people feel drinking much water will cause them to sweat, as it is evidently shown when they urinate, but it is not so with sweat, because you sweat more when dehydrated.

The body temperature rises when dehydrated, as there is hardly anyone without the armpit sweat experience. it is normal to sweat there, but this could embarrass when excess, thus giving a foul odor. Eating food that contains water, helps calm the body, and also helps prevent excessive sweat. These foods include coconut water, fresh fruits, vegetable, and so on.

Antiperspirant deodorants can be very good, especially to hold back armpit sweat but this has its disadvantage since it contains toxic chemicals which sometimes can react more than expected on someone’s skin because the skin absorbs whatever we apply on it which penetrates into the bloodstream over time, this could lead to severe health issues and challenges. The detoxification of the armpit and skin is good because it will help support our immune system and also helps to lower the threat posed by cancer, home remedies are proving to be the strongest. Many people don’t know that even a change of lifestyle can reverse certain sicknesses. . Some foods help prevent a lot and avoidance of some foods can help divert certain sicknesses in the future.

We need to learn some home remedies, things we can do on our own and can also proffer solutions to so many problems. I heard so much about lemon and how it can be used as a home remedy to exfoliate, so I did my research and after that, I tried out my unique method which worked nicely, hence, I would love to share my findings with you.

If you are worried on how much you sweat and you are like me who is always willing and ready to try something different then this article is for you and the home remedies includes:

Lemon and baking soda:  while this serves different purposes for people, it can also help to regulate sweat. Scrubbing your armpit with this lemon solution will not only help to unclog your pores but would also give the armpit a pleasant fragrance.  Lemon contains a natural acid (citric acid), which helps reduce or prevent excessive sweat, and the acid also helps to eliminate bacteria. You can use it either of these ways: cut the lemon into two and rub it around your armpit, this is faster or you can mix lemon juice with a spoon of baking soda, mix well making a paste-like solution, then apply by scrubbing on your armpit, leave for 5mins and rinse out with warm water, apply 3times a week.

Aloe Vera:  Aloe Vera contains antioxidant properties that can help to control excessive sweat. Using this, apply the juice on your armpit and leave for some minutes to dry off. It keeps your armpit dry, thus preventing unnecessary sweats and stains around your armpit.

Apple cider vinegar: This contains acetic acid which also helps to eliminate bacteria, it leaves you with a dry and soothing armpit if used the right way. To use this, you can dilute the vinegar with warm water and apply around your armpit and leave for 15minutes. This can also be used under the feet and palm, just like lemon, apple cider neutralizes odor and gives you confidence. If made and applied correctly, it quickly dries the armpit, giving you a dry and comfortable feeling, also soothing fragrance all day long.

Do you know there are foods that make you sweat? Well, there are foods that increase body temperature after meal and can make you sweat more than you should. Although sometimes this can be good as it helps to detoxify the body, but in this article, we are treating how to reduce excessive sweat which can make anybody feel uncomfortable, and sometimes it leads to social anxiety. Some food inducing sweat includes:

1: Salty foods which are high in sodium and might lead to imbalances of electrolytes. 2: Processed foods which also promotes sweats because it contains some preservatives and could be unhealthy for us. 3: Pepper is also another sweat-inducing food as it contains capsaicin, imagine eating food that contains so much pepper, you’ll definitely sweat from head to toe. 4: Sugar or any food containing sugar can also help to increase the blood sugar, which also increases insulin and help to promote sweating.

Foods containing much protein, caffeine, energy drinks, and so on can also induce sweat. If you want to work on something, you can start by controlling it from the inside, anything that is controlled from the inside will yield better results and help the outside to work better. Foods like water, dairy products that are rich in calcium, bananas, and so on will make you sweat less.

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