What Does Fun Mean To You?

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I yearned to go out after a long period of self-isolation, and the partial lifting also included limitations on social interactions and movements.

It was fun to me; I felt like I haven’t gone out before lol, though it wasn’t like the traditional outing however I still enjoyed it. This time I hung out with my girlfriend to make it livelier and I’m sure not the only one who had the pleasure of going out after the nationwide total lockdown.

Coronavirus has done loads of harm and has affected every one of us and our social life in either, 2020 has been tough, we have been through a lot, and there will be much celebration popping out from this which will be a sign of survival. There were times we were tired of being alone and we felt like doing sightseeing but couldn’t help it during the lockdown, that was my case, I was hungry to step out at some point; I work from home and now the days I go out to have my social life was denied because of COVID 19. I don’t know how you survived this period, I will like to hear from your own experience in the comment box.

It was funny when I said I would hang out, at first, someone said to me “where do you think you can do that now”, I mean no decent place to have that luxury at the moment, each of which has placed restrictions on so many things although there was a partial lifting, I wasn’t unaware of this, every living adult knows how everything is and it’s not only in Nigeria. I knew all this but come on babe just wanted to hang out, I’ve got enough boredom injury already.

I didn’t know how bad it was until I got there, despite the partial lifting, everywhere was still dry, so I went into one restaurant in the mall and they said I couldn’t sit down to eat,  I mean, you are required to take whatever you bought along with you and I was so hungry that I wanted something to eat right away. There was no room for the normal environment and there is no way I’ll be eating in the mall when standing, the waiter saw how hungry I was she said to me, “if you don’t mind we can give you just two minutes to eat” two minutes? Lol, that was funny. How on earth am I supposed to eat a hot plate of rice within two minutes? It means eating like a thief and so I had no choice than to bear the hunger. I kept asking myself while I was there, will things ever completely go back to normal? We’ve long waited for this, yes I mean our everyday life, and am I the only one who now has more regard for everyone around me? This is one thing I learned during the lockdown after not seeing them for a long while.

Despite the whole drama, it was a fun day to me, trust me, the lockdown, social distancing, and restrictions hasn’t been a good experience but it’s for our own good so it would make much sense if we try to stay strong for ourselves and take the precautions, the current lifestyle now is a reality. My outing ended with some pictures and selfies as this is one thing that will remind me of how the day went, so I took more and keep the memories. We left the place and went home; the road was clear, and that is what I wanted so I got home on the feeling frail and tired because of much standing at the mall, we stood for long and became exhausted. While I was trying to relax a little on the bed, I dozed off, so I ended up not eating anything that night because I saw myself the next morning wearing the same dress and lying on the bed and the rest was history.

Have you gone to bed hungry? So how was the experience because it wasn’t funny for me, well I enjoy learning from any little experience I have, for me when next I feel tired and hungry, I would eat before lying down because you might not wake up as intended. In such a situation you can just sit on the chair to relax a bit, well I’m just sharing my lifestyle tips, so you can discover what works for you. I would also like to advise you again to be careful when going out, if there is nothing to do out there, I advise you stay indoors, let’s just limit movement so we don’t get too many people out there. We are not yet out of this mess and COVID 19 is real, so learn to protect yourself and complete what you started out with. One person down with this is an enormous threat to so many lives so let’s try to protect ourselves and others, all we need is more time, things are going to slowly return to normal.

Sometimes things like this need to happen, that is the only way some people will know that freedom is a privilege, I’m not saying what we are going through is good but who’d think a day like this would come, who imagined a day would come when everybody would be forced to stay indoors and observe a mandatory holiday, in reality, no one would have thought anything like that will happen in our time but it did. Events like this help us understand what was freely have “freedom’’ some things are unpredictable, how you’ll just wake up and shits just happen spontaneously and everyone unprepared, this also made me understand that anything can happen any time. The best you can do for yourself is to be in a healthy relationship with God and have a free heart, you can just wake up and see unexpected things and all you’ll be needing at that moment is God.

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