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I was lost in deep thought as my emotion connects to a land, there was a passport on the land but  no tribe was inscribed on it rather “Nigeria”.

Then I ask myself why there is so much competition for ownership, why the struggle, why the hate and envy? Each time we resonate with the continuity of land unity, then we go back and embrace division. What kind of crime did the land commit? Aren’t we the ones who cause this suffering on us? I heard too much about the struggles of our fathers to own a position of their own, was the purpose to deny their offspring their right?  If not, why is there so much denial, I ask again, what is wrong with black skin? How don’t we get it? Our father’s struggles were the knowledge that was instilled in me as a child, so I’m not unaware of their struggle and sacrifice made for the land, it pains so much to know that the same struggle was pushed and motivated by greed and egoism.

What was even the reason for the fight? Can we say we’ve got one nation now? What can one boast of?  Why are the innocent Nigerians still used to perpetrate evil acts, don’t you think it’s foolishness?  How did we get here? A country where the uneducated would give the knowledgeable a gun to kill, where the enlightened would become a thug for the miscreants, I ask again how we got here. No sort of encouragement to the intellects, what we see are humans who cannot conceptualize a vision to project, we have people who are only concerned about themselves and their generations as poverty stirs us. The number of people living below standards is nothing to talk about, is this the planned nation and future? Does the situation of things worth the fight? How then can we say we are a proud nation?

An average Nigerian thinks only what he stands to gain and not what he can do to make this place a better place for everyone, Nigeria is still going through the problem of unstable power supply up until now, when rain falls it becomes the fault of the rain and even when there is no rain the condition never changes. Killings everywhere, crime rates continue to increase, deprivation is on the top side, poverty has taken a common role and yet no one cares. We take our time to celebrate every October 1 and yet our conscience never get to prick us about how we’ve been living, is this the purpose of the independence? you have to be corrupt in Nigeria if you want to succeed, that is the mindset of an average Nigerian.

Nigerian problem doesn’t have a particular place you can hold to, should we stop being Nigerians, and which do we go? We are tired, we weep for Nigeria with the heavy feeling of being an outcast in our land.  Notwithstanding these things, we have no other home to call our own other than this, so where are you driving us to, why are we not welcomed here.

I still stick to this great land amid this dilemma, and to take you for what you are because this is the only place that can be traced to my root, there wouldn’t be a better place than making you one my dear Nigeria. We need to be our brother’s keeper, we need to show love to each other because that is one thing we’ve been lacking for ages, how possible is it to love a nation without loving the people who make up the nation, oftentimes, we delude ourselves by claiming how we love a particular person but hate where they come from, that is not love, if I commit a crime, judge me by name and the crime that has been committed, it has nothing to do with where I come from, love is way beyond pointing fingers, it’s beyond bigotry, love has no limit, just love me for who I am that is all I’m asking for ‘Love”.

The problems we face are not bigger than we are, nobody will do it for us, Nigeria is a land filled with milk and honey, nowhere is better than home, we wouldn’t be lacking if we had the interest of each other at heart. Remember that Nigeria is a sweet country, that is green and blessed, the land is virgin and innocent and there is still more to be planted, more to be harnessed, the only problem is human inflictions. We’ve been through a lot that even the land is a victim of what humans go through, but no matter how horrible things have turned out to be, you still have my whole heart. Can a mother stop loving her child? To this day, my dear country has never lost any of its nutrients, and the people have not stopped harvesting until today.

I grew up with this burning chauvinism, I couldn’t help but to continue to admire the beauty of this land, what a wonderful land no one can eschew. For all that you do and for who you are, I will forever love you. Eyebrows may raise, nerves may be charged, and tensions may be high, I will continue to uphold thy honor and glory. The familiar tang of African salad from my grandmother reminds me of how our fallen heroes would have wanted us to live, love raised them, but love failed us. Love transcended race, religion, and status. How did we get over here? I remember days when communities owned a child, days of weaving and dying, days when food played a central role in the ritual of all ethnic groups. I’m still a fan of my country, from the skin we wear to the food we eat, even if I’m denied of striving in my land, I’ll remain strong in the bond of togetherness, perceiving in my heart the hope of a better Nigeria.

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