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Anyone can be creative if you learn to give yourself the chance to be creative, by amassing information regarding a particular thing.

Everyone has this one or two things that seem to be more productive whenever they do it, but some people still have to discover it. Sometimes you need to revisit your childhood memories to find out certain imaginative things you did as a child and never get to develop it. Personal experience is important in creativity when a writer sees people, he tries to understand how they talk just like an artist would understand how you move.

You must also know when you work best and when a creative idea comes, it could be in the morning, evening, or at night. It’s important for you to also discover the things you do that brings out the best in you, even in your workplace, creativity can be a critical resource for you to hit the heights you want.  Creative people often take the risk of attempting something new without the fear of failure where a normal person might feel disheartened after trying and failing, but a creative person sees nothing wrong with failure because they see it as a step or process of getting the desired result. Creative people will draw inspiration from their environment and everything around them.

When are you more creative? When are you more productive? Well, only people who take stock of their lives can answer that question. As different individuals, what makes sense to you might not make to others, different things motivates and inspire us, someone told me she’s always inspired whenever she’s having a cup of coffee lol, funny right? But truly people draw inspiration from different things just like you’ve got your best food as someone else worst, that is how different things inspire different individuals.

One good thing about asking yourself this question is that it helps you to realize what ordinarily your mind would not normally think of, it reminds you of what you are good at and your best moment in it; it helps you to know if you’ve been productive all the while and also help you have a self-evaluation on what you are doing to know if there is satisfaction in it. It’s so bad that many people never took time to ask themselves these questions and they are yet to figure it out.

I started writing in junior high school, I couldn’t even tell what I was writing at that point, but whatever it was, made sense to me. I would write a lot and couldn’t explain what I was writing, but the joy was just there. I kept writing until I wrote what people could read and understand; I started writing stories and everything I wrote then was just for the fun of it, even when people found it interesting, I kept writing until I wrote a particular story that attracted the attention of everyone around me, that was when I realized what I could do with my hands.

For me, my creative time is when I’m holding a pen, I can do a lot with it, I get more selling ideas, more inspiration, and motivation even if I wasn’t thinking about anything. As time went on, I started getting more encouragement from people and that made me do well. Over time, my passion for it grew and this time I was no longer ignorant of the things I was writing. After my secondary education, I didn’t give it the same level of attention anymore, because while I was writing the national entrance exam to the university, I also got a job to help keep me busy. At this point I became so distracted that I couldn’t focus on one thing, it was all work and money, gradually I started losing it, I never took time to grow myself and almost everything was lost as I continued to pursue other things. Never did it occur to me I was slowly losing a precious gift, it took me years trying to get back to it after trying so many things.

If you live anything for too long, it will live you for the same period. Whenever I’m holding a pen, there is always a story to tell. meaningful thoughts come, it also takes away depression and anxiety yes I said depression and anxiety that is because If you are doing what you know how to do, what you are passionate about, you’ll find out you’ll hardly have a rough time when you are to do it.

This is one sweet thing I know how to do even though there are other things I would like to try. So many people are yet to realize the real person in them, often time we deceive ourselves doing things because of the benefit we derive at the moment and fail to develop ourselves in what we are good at. These days everyone wants to do the same thing, we don’t want to self-hunt; we don’t want to go out of the way to make us better; we are not ready to discover our potentials and we’re not ready to work on ourselves.

How about you always have a sense of satisfaction and achievement? I have seen people resigning from their well-payed jobs for something else, and in my next article I will share with us some mistakes I’ve made that some people are still facing now. It’s so bad that some people can’t even recount the work they’ve been doing for years. It’s one thing to be living and another to be existing, ask yourself if you are living or just existing in what you are doing,  is it something that gives you joy or because you feel you don’t have an option? Unable to discover oneself could be the reason you can’t even make out anything good out of what you’re doing because there is no satisfaction in it.

In conclusion, when you’re in your domain, you become more relevant to yourself and to the society at large, and you will become an authority there, nothing gives joy like doing what you know how to do well, it helps you develop yourself and to be more creative. Creativity also helps you to become a problem solver in so many ways because you can always approach problems of different dimensions and you also need to be confident you’re on the right track because that is what you need to get ahead with your ideas when criticism comes.

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