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There’s no gentleman in Nigeria, even the guy on suit isn’t as cool as you think or pretend to be, all he wants it’s a little incitement and you’ll see the other side of him, he’s waiting for a little chance to show off, too many opportunists and traitors everywhere.  

I had just dropped from the vehicle I boarded on that fateful day, walking down to the pedestrian bridge with an unswerving face and too much focus to where I was headed to. I was already on the road leading to the bridge but close this time when I noticed a breeze with some saliva particles on one side of my neck, oh my Goodness, I didn’t see it coming and that had already happened 20seconds before I realized; I turned around and saw a man walking straight and never looked back. I was lost and didn’t know what to do but come on, he was the only one on that lane and he couldn’t have gotten there without getting to me first, too many thought on my head in a short time.

I kept looking at him, something in me was telling to go after him and give it to him back, at the same time there was no proof that he was the one because I never sensed his presence but he’s the nearest and only suspect.

I wanted to scream or speak because it was strange to me, but every time I tried to open my mouth, it went mute, so I didn’t say a word but kept poking at him until he disappeared. I later continued my journey and couldn’t wait to get to the office to relax a bit. When I got to the office, my heart kept pondering over what happened, I tried to make a story out of it, or even to understand what happened but I couldn’t hold on to anything. While my heart kept hovering around, the thought of blessing came. It was a sad day for me as I remember the story of blessing, a sweet young lady, so intelligent and focused, I kept asking myself, could it be a similar experience this young lady had, so many thought on my mind.

We had just finished the exam as we planned to travel to our various homes, so blessing and I planned to travel because we live in the same place. There was so much anticipation emanating from the exam we just completed, we started getting ready for the journey we’d embark on in a couple of days; we had fun all the way while waiting.

I wanted to surprise my parents, so I never wanted to tell them of my coming but somehow my mom called to ask of my plan because she knew I was done with exams. I had to open up to her of coming back home. Immediately she instantly declined the idea because she already knew how long the vacation would last. She said the trip was too long for the break; she told me she would make arrangements for me to go to her sister’s place but that never sounded good to me so mom and I had a little argument over that. I was still determined to move despite all she said because I so much missed home and so I kept packing and arranging my things. Two days to the deal day, I started feeling bad again over what mom said; I started talking to myself, at the same time I never wanted to disobey her and that made me feel sadder.

I just had a few hours to decide on what to do at this point, and so a day to that day, I called blessing to inform her of the recent development; she said no problem, her family was expecting her. Finally, she traveled the next day. I got a call 10 am that day asking me the vehicle she boarded because her was not reachable; I gave them the little details I had as of the time we agreed to travel, maybe her battery was down I said to myself. We kept trying the number on and on until the end of the day, I couldn’t sleep in the night, the thought was all over me. I never wanted to acknowledge what seemed so self-evident, I prayed and fasted, cried hopelessly, hoping I could wake up from the dream, could it be true, I kept questioning myself, and then days after days, month after month, this was real, and blessing still missing, not death to be sure, so this is how people get missing. It’s one story that hasn’t been reasonable to shoulder until today. It shocked me; I became scared; she was such a good girl, a leader, so full of life and a dedicated Christian, her disappearance I made become more scared of life and this country. Could it be that they kidnapped her? Did she enter the wrong vehicle or what? We are still finding a blessing.

As I was thinking about blessing in the office, I started crying. I didn’t know what to do, I’m supposed to be grateful to God for saving my life but how can I honestly express it when my friend was missing, the joy wasn’t complete. The thought of blessing gave me the courage to pray and forget what happened to me because it was nothing to compare to the pain of blessing. Why are there so many problems in Nigeria? People looking for who to cheat, to reap where they did not sow, kidnappers, and so many others everywhere.

One would walk on the road feeling so terrified because you can be hit at any moment, the reason so many people don’t have a life of their own anymore. Tribalism and religious conflicts playing their part, herdsmen, bandits and book haram doing their thing, bribery and corruption, misappropriation of public fund and bad governance by our so-called political leaders. How did we get here? Most unemployed graduates have involved themselves in fraudulent activities and scams.

A lot is really going on, and just like blessing, this is how people get missing every day, humans are kidnapped and unjustly killed, raped, and murdered. Nobody knows where the country is heading because there is little or no effort to fix it. Imagine losing a loved one, not to illness or some other physical thing you can think of, I’m really trying to heal from this but it’s been difficult to let go.

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