5 Amazing Health Benefit Of Warm Water

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Drinking water daily can support our overall wellbeing, but warm water can do it better because it’s a peaceful way to improve your health.

I know you must have learned that drinking water first thing in the morning is superb but most people are yet to develop this practice. Someone told me “I heard its good, and I tried it but I don’t like It” it may be tough if you’re just starting it but it will become natural when you are used to it.

Taking water in an empty stomach is very helpful but most people would prefer a cup of tea, ever since I discovered the benefits of drinking warm water, I can’t start or finish my day without a glass of warm water. Icy water can be pretty good when you’re thirsty but warm water can supply your body with the nutrient it needs to replenish its fluids. We also need warm water for better functioning of the liver and kidneys because it helps it to boost its function.

A few months back, water was added to my daily routine, and I discovered the effectiveness of it because I had indigestion for weeks, when it started I didn’t realize it was indigestion, so I was dealing with it alone because I thought it’s something that would stop on its own but it got to a point where the symptoms became severe. I wasn’t able to manage it again, so I called my sister who is a nutritional biochemist, and she asked if I was drinking warm water, I said “No” then she told me to take warm water first thing in the morning and last thing before bed.

I was so shocked to hear her directions and trust me this easy home remedy worked wonders. Over time, indigestion stopped, and I also found a lot of other improvements to couple with my change of lifestyle for a while now.

Truly with a change of lifestyle, we can prevent a lot of illness, the problem is that so many people find it hard to drop old habits and change their lifestyle without realizing that one way to get your health back is to identify and drop triggers. Sometimes we take or consume foods not because we enjoy them but because of their nutritional value, so it must not always be what you want but what the body needs to be in good shape. In this article, I’ll share with us five essential benefits of drinking warm water and it includes:

1. It improves digestion

Drinking water promotes digestion as it is quicker and easier than chilly water to break down food substances. Warm water can help to stimulate our digestive tract, and when ingested first in the morning, it is more effective. If you drink cold water after a meal especially a dinner, the oil added to the food you consumed may become harder, so it is advised to take a glass of warm water after meal.

2. It relieves congestion

Warm water helps to suppress the pressure and eliminates the blockages on our respiratory system and clears the congested portion. It does so by removing the clogged mucus and giving you relief. When I was dealing with indigestion, it appeared I had accumulated too much on my chest, but when I started taking warm water, I noticed it suppressed the pressure until it was gone.  The most common is that of nasal congestion, the Steam dissolves the mucus and clear the throat and nostrils.

3. helps to detoxify the body

Warm water purifies your blood, it increases your body temperature and makes you sweat. When you sweat, toxins are absorbed and pores are washed. Regular intake of warm water also prevents constipation through the movement of bowels and allows the intestine to remove the waste from it. The detoxification also glows the skin as it cleanses the body from within and removes toxins as we drink hot or warm water. The removal of these toxins from the skin helps to glow and prevent skin blemishes. Warm water can prevent the development of dead cells as it continuously moisturizes the body. I typically take a glass of warm water during a workout at home to replace the vitamins and minerals and also to keep the body hydrated. If you keep your body hydrated, it shows on the skin because the skin will be hydrated too which helps to prevent the skin from drying and makes it soft.

4. It facilitates blood circulation

Warm water helps to promote blood circulation in the body, it removes fats that are stored in the system, cleanses, and filters the blood from pollutants, helping to boost blood flow and circulation. This circulation often prevents pains and soreness, because it occurs when the supply of blood is weak.

5. It relieves menstrual cramp

While some ladies are aware of this home remedy, there are still some who don’t know about it. We know how painful menstrual cramp can be and most of us have had this experience at our tender age of not knowing what to do until we come to understand that there is something you can do at home to help ease the pain. Warm water relieves discomfort as blood circulation rises, so it works best drinking it at intervals, pouring it into a bottle, and pressing it on your abdomen, so drinking warm water at intervals during mensuration helps to reduce cramping.

Did you know that warm water can prevent rheumatic and arthritis pain? Well, when you drink warm water regularly, these are some benefits you can derive. A change of lifestyle earlier will help reduce or eases so many health problems, you don’t have to wait for someone to tell you to make it a habit, it’s something you should see as a necessity because water is very good for the body. Drinking enough water will support muscles and joints. Now question like how much water someone should consume every day usually come up, well I drink nothing less than eight glasses a day, it’s working for me and I’m enjoying it.

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