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So many of us are sentimental in favor of embracing weight loss rather than fitness, even though we know that extra weight is something anyone can easily notice, but a little hard to spot fitness. For example, you can see someone without knowing how much exercise that person does to stay fit even though you think the person is a sporty person.

When we see obese people we just look at them and imagine how much they weigh and not how much fit they are, people now paying too much attention to weight loss without considering fitness benefits too. Weight loss is so emphasized that when you see people restricting themselves from consuming certain foods, the paramount goal is to lose weight and not healthy living, even when you see people exercising, most people do so intending to lose weight and not to keep fit.

The world is so engrossed with weight loss, although the obese need to lose weight, of which dieting should be taken seriously, we should also introduce Exercise to their daily routine for their overall wellness. According to the World Health Organization, obesity is one of the world’s leading human mortality factors, affecting many underlying conditions such as hypertension, diabetes mellitus, and so on, this also increases cardiovascular risk. Fitness, however, reduces the risk pose by obesity, including mortality rate. Many people don’t know that someone can lose weight without being fit, or do you think a slim person is fit and healthy just by being slim?

The primary aim should not be to lose weight, but we should gear the focus towards staying fit. Exercising for fitness, in the long run, can encourage weight loss and prevent additional weight. Most of the time people feel discouraged and give up easily on exercise when they don’t get quick results, many of them even expect to see changes immediately they started but it’s very much possible for you not to see such changes right away because while you burn body fat you’re building the muscle of which you may not see the immediate change you are looking for.   Most slim people believe they are “ok”, fit and safe so they don’t have to worry about anything but that’s not true, everyone needs a good diet and exercise. Working out can reduce the risk of diseases such as infection, common cold, influenza, which are not only prone to fat people, exercise can boost your immunity to fight those diseases, and also the size of the body is not exactly a measure of our health.

I once had the thought, “exercise isn’t my thing”, I looked at it as something that overweight people should be more concerned about, and I never wanted to lose weight, not for any reason, so anything that would make me lose weight like working out wasn’t for me, and sometimes I intentionally ate fattening foods to gain weight. I was so lazy when I tried working out with my sister and it wasn’t fun; I kept going before I knew what was going on, I already lost a few pounds in two days, it wasn’t funny to me, so I stopped working out but I noticed some changes inside of me. I found out I was feeling better than how I used to be, so I started thinking about a simple exercise I could do and enjoy, that was how skipping came about. When I started skipping, I could count up to 500 on a stretch because I really enjoyed it but it affected my weight when I started, so this time I had to reduce the count and not to stop.

Skipping is an exceptional way to burn calories, skipping for 1hour can burn up to 1600 calories and research has shown that skipping is almost equivalent to running, it’s a full-body workout because while you are skipping there’s no part left out of your body. For people who want to lose weight, you wouldn’t even know when you lose weight with the fun involved in skipping. Skipping is something you can easily integrate into your everyday life, you can do it in the morning and evening and still have time to do something else.

One should not feel discouraged exercising to keep fit because we all need it and should be worried about how we feel inside. For our health, what counts is the inside so we should not take a healthy diet and exercise for granted. Skipping is really an enjoyable way to keep fit but most people think is meant for kids particularly in this part of the world, that’s not true, skipping has significant benefit for everyone.

If you are looking for an exercise that focuses on full-body workouts and the overall body health, then you can consider skipping, it has a lot of benefits which includes: cardiovascular fitness, skipping also gives stamina, it improves coordination of the hand to eyes; it tones the muscle and the entire body, it also helps in the brain’s development, your memory, and your mental alertness. Skipping can tackle depression and anxiety as it improves the circulation of blood to the brain.

In my last article on how I welcomed my new skin, I talked about exercise as a part of what helped my skin, well skipping gives nutrients to the skin and flushes out the toxins there, it also stimulates bone and keeps it in its best shape. Skipping helps to boost your immune system and increases your heart rate too. A bit of a secret for ladies trying to work out their butt, well skipping enhances the butt, when you constantly hop up and over the rope with your legs, it enhances and makes the butt bigger.

It is advisable to warm up before beginning any physical exercise, as it helps your muscle to get used to the pressure that awaits it. You can jog, walk a little, stretch, and jump a bit before you start the major exercise. It is something you can do wherever you are, it can be done indoors or outdoors, so there is no reason not to stay fit because skipping is something everyone can do and enjoy, and it works both ways, keeps you fit and also burns your excess fat.







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