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If you look at the things you get without stress, you will find out there are people who are struggling to get them and if not careful, they might still end up not getting it, even long-suffering is not a guarantee.

Your good deeds are still not guaranteed you will get the things you want when you want it, that is how funny life can be.

The same path you began with others, they’re almost at the end of the bridge and you are still searching afloat, still very lost and don’t know how to start and where to go from, funny enough, while you’re still on that spot, patiently waiting and hoping that light shines and give you direction on which way to go, there is no guarantee it will happen.

Sometimes it takes one with vision, a proper plan, and determination to overcome. Not all patient dogs will eat the fattest bone, not all journey needs a slow movement because you might miss it out without knowing that what you’re going to do has ended without you knowing, but you’re still on the journey.

Some people still make the mistake of thinking after an interminable period of suffering, the light will shine upon them but it is not true. One can be in that search for a very long time, life has it’s broken on people. Sometimes when you look at others, not like they’re trying more than you, you can even match your strength with theirs but yet your life feels shattered and,  then you felt bad. 

Someone else will cross that road you couldn’t cross, they will do those things that seemed impossible to you and you’ll wonder how they did it, is not magic, it wasn’t just like it seemed to you, and you might not still understand. Truly, is not how hard you go about your physical activities because you can work without being productive, there are times you need to try another strategy, and set a new goal and plan for yourself, just know when to fight.

My Quest for admission to the university, after several times writing the National entrance to the university, led me to take up a diploma course to qualify for direct admission to the university.

Out of excitement I traveled to my chosen institution even before the list was published, it was a two- year program and five years if admitted directly but then I was happy, adding to the amount of encouragement I got from my family. When I got there, the program was a different ball game from what I had already imagined, there were many people wandering around at school, already frustrated by the journey I was about to embark on, so many that I almost felt discouraged. I thought of going back to my house because it was clearer than obvious; I remember weeping in my room countless times especially when my roommate who was a regular student had gone to lecture. I could remember how many times in school I was told to go back that it is a waste of time, money, and resources. I stayed back because I didn’t want to look like a loser who couldn’t fight but gave up and also, I never wanted to let my family down.

This program took my eyes away from sleep that every time I remember what I signed up for, my sleep would be gone. What if I don’t make it, that thought alone became a nightmare to me, that thought was all negativity that became a problem to me at the beginning because whenever it comes I would start crying instead of reading, not until I promised myself that I wouldn’t cry again, so then I had to stand and face it.

This decision helped me to work on my mind until the probability was gone, my mind became relaxed and settled. As time went on during the program, sickness came, and that almost ruined and changed every one of my plans, then I knew that truly, health before any other thing.

It was a serious challenge for me and a threat to what I was looking for but thought it was something that would be gone in two weeks, but I was sick for nearly a year, during my second semester I missed lectures but went back to school to write exams because I traveled back home to get proper medical care which was in vain. I cried like a baby, I wept for myself because I was almost knocked out of the race that seemed like a competition.

I remember writing an exam without opening my book but someone came to read and interpret each course to me because I couldn’t focus my eyes on the book for a long time, the problem I developed as a result of the illness, so sometimes I needed someone to read and interpret for me. At some point I felt like I was dying, I turned into something else, people who knew me earlier couldn’t recognize me and all that pain I had to bear, But it was just typhoid, then I realized how deadly it could be. I got better towards the end of the program and my performance at the end overwhelmed everyone; it impressed me especially when I saw my name among the merit list but finally when it was released my name wasn’t there and not just me but everyone in my department.

We wrote several letters to the vice-chancellor and then addressing our issue, but we were asked to go home that they didn’t know where the problem came from, and they even disposed of some of the letters we wrote. And then we went back to the department, they told us the problem wasn’t coming from them, and so we were left stranded in school with a semester gone and no result. We begged and pleaded in vain for our own right, then we decided to stand up and fight for it.

The decision of not having a clue of where to start from brought victory to us. It worked like magic when admission was over; when the case was forgotten then victory came; we fought for it that even our faces became known; the bible says that faith without work is dead and so God saw us through. It’s easy to pin down, but the process was a long one that you wouldn’t want to imagine what we went through, this is a true-life story and I wrote it to inspire those who are going through difficult situations.

Know when to fight, you don’t have to give up on every challenge that comes your way, excellent results don’t come easily, so you need to stand and fight for it. many of us still ask God “why me” the question you are still waiting for the answer until today, and some of us are quick to accept defeat, we are quick to give up because we get tired easily, and we attribute it to God’s will.

Not every awful situation is best for you, not every unpleasant life experience is the will of God for you, why didn’t I acknowledge my frustration as the will of God for me? How many opportunities have you missed in life thinking is God’s will, is it also God’s will for some people to be poor? Deal with that mindset of always thinking everything you couldn’t get or achieve is God’s will for you, remember the road to success isn’t smooth if not, everyone will get there easily.

sometimes you merry with people who celebrate something they’ve got, you might not know how hard it was for them to get it, but the celebration was easy, and then, it might be a similar challenge you gave up on or one that knocked you out but you were quick to let go but someone else is celebrating the result.

Fight when there is a need to fight, find the best way to tackle the problems you are facing, stop complaining, and start acting. Set your own goals and plan for it. The problem most people have is failure to plan, we do things without a proper plan, and we expect success, success doesn’t come that way, successful people are goal-getters, they don’t give up.

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