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  Most times I get into a discussion with people who are always constantly trying to give reasons others do the wrong things, most times this debate doesn’t go well because they’ll always give you the same reasons all the time.

I always made a mistake of judging people from my perspective and I kept questioning why they were doing these things, it all ended up of reality, always thinking people could think differently from what they were doing, but I was wrong because the behavior of a person could be pretty much good as his purpose for doing something. Imagine how the future would be if everyone does evil and give the same excuse.

Why not put those excuses away and call “wrong” wrong, realizing there’s no legitimate excuse to do that. Most people have through this means, get away with evil because they feel they have excellent reasons behind their wrong actions, using it to rise to a top position and even win respect but still, it doesn’t still make it right. When something is good, it is good because there is an honest action, the same goes wrong.

One reason I don’t agree with this is the “Energy” involved in doing it, we require the same energy to do good and evil. Take, for instance, it will require the same energy to become an “internet fraudster”, and to become a “programmer” just that some people believe the former is a fast path to get rich but to become a professional, you need the same energy with someone who learns the other. It takes the same energy to lie and to tell the truth, the same energy to abuse and to bless, and the same energy to mock and also to encourage. So why do we wrong instead of right, since it requires the same energy to do both? Remember that the way we live is by choice, and the decisions we take are as a reason for what we do and we should be fully responsible for our actions. While I always say, the people you come in touch with really matters in life, because there are people whose lives always depend on others, if the person they are close to at the moment is good, they have the same chance of being equal, if bad, they are still easily influenced. Having these people around you is sometimes like having a project to work on, if left unfinished it remains like that, if completed it will come out in its best form, honestly we have humans in this form. So these set of people’s lives, choices and decisions are most times dependent on others, since positive and negative shift takes place without them knowing, which is why many people are misled. This also means that some people would have done the right thing if they had earlier met the right people in their lives, but even at that, most people are fully aware of the things they do, some take pride by being tagged or labeled “bad”, because to them is one way to gain respect.

One day I had a conversation with a senior colleague and a professional, we invited him to do a particular job in the company, so while he was with us we had lots of discussions on various topics both professional and others. Then one day he shared his experience with me while growing up, and he told me how he learned to scam at a tender age, he only left high school when he was exposed to it, and according to him, he initially felt he was doing work with no negative feelings attached to it. So the first time he came into contact with a computer, he learned to use it to scam, and he didn’t realize that a lot could be done with it. He didn’t know it was bad since not so many people had knowledge of the computer back then it took him time to realize he was practicing internet fraud until he gained a proper knowledge of it. Being a young boy at then, his boss, each time he tried to stop always threatened him.

A lot of kids at that age especially in this part of the world fall victim to fear when confronted with the expression “I will report you to police”, and this made him not tell his parents what was going on. He kept on doing it secretly and making more money for the boss while he always gave him pee nut, this continued until his parents found out, but then he had already gone a long way into the business. Then he started having problems with his parents because they wanted him to go the university and get a degree, after much convincing, he thought about it, and later got admission, went to school and graduated. He graduated and couldn’t get a job immediately. The thought of scamming poses to him again in that short period, he was able to overcome the idea, and instead, he gained a professional skill. While learning the Skill, he realized there were other things he could have learned that would have been more beneficial to him than what he was thought of his prior life. Some of us would be angry with the parents for not watching out for him right? But the parents knew little or nothing about the Internet as of then, even though there was an act of carelessness from them.

If you read the story well, you’ll see an innocent boy who was exposed to something he originally thought was the only thing that could be done with a computer, you’ll also see later remorse of not realizing there were other things that could have benefited him the most. You can also see another group of men who are fully conscious of what they were doing, trying to manipulate immature minds. So you can imagine how many people are conscious of the evil they’re doing, they just don’t do it but also recruit and not everyone will be fortunate to come out of this like this young man.

Later, he realized that the same energy was required to do the various things he did. Truth is that people are busy doing something that would make their lives comfortable and nothing to enhance their understanding of the issues that matter. Legal and illegal requires thinking, no one is done with your brain left at the other side of the lane, so there’s still a lot of energy involved in whatever you’re doing good or bad. Is what you’re doing now worth the energy you are putting into it? Is it profitable or not? Is it going to make or ruin you? And are you inventing something that will benefit or destroy the world?

In conclusion, it would take the same strength of thinking to commit suicide and to fall in love again when broken. So the same energy and time that one uses to think of negative things or things that would make you feel bad can as well be a conduit to good thoughts and be happier as the energy of the former are not less. Life has always given us two options to choose from: Good and bad, happy and sad, love and hate, hard work and laziness, Legal and illegal, you also have the option of deciding to be thankful or ungrateful. How many people will look at you and wish to be like you? Sometimes it’s difficult to see your own reality until you ask others before you can unveil if you are the person other people want and admire.

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