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Just like other birthdays I was wishing the date can be moved, so I would clock another age with a decent arrangement of the feeling of accomplishments.

It’s truly evident that human needs are unquenchable, it never occurred to me I was becoming ungrateful. My friend had called me ahead of time to remind me of my birthday, I couldn’t say lots, then she asked me, why are you so calm? at that point, I answered her with an inquiry “have I truly accomplish anything this year”?. She giggled, later advised me to be grateful first before talking about accomplishment, this little expression of counsel caused me to acknowledge that I’ve been so unreasonable to God since it’s been me and only me all these years.

While I was pondering how I overlooked the place of God in my life at that point, I fast contemplated over the pandemic we’ve been experiencing throughout recent months, it looks like the virus hung tight for the year 2020. A lot has happened for this present year, people’s businesses, new year goals, and plans are scattered on the grounds that the pandemic has not given anybody a breathing space, Economies are suffering, and not many workers report to their different organizations because of social distancing, the entirety of this, has influenced our way of life.

I later concurred with my pal that I’m by all account not the only one experiencing this, I’m not by any means the only individual who is yet to accomplish something of late, I also need to advise you that you aren’t on this alone. Imagine the number of lives lost and the truth that we are not out of this wreckage, we need to take it easy on ourselves, so why worry today when tomorrow isn’t guaranteed?.

After this reflection, my mind got settled and relaxed. Usually, my loved ones will ask, “What do you need for your birthday” this time instead of requesting for the present, I chose to put God first by telling them to express gratitude towards God for my benefit. I realize that beginning another 365 days is a thing to be thankful for. One should be happy turning a year more established, this implies you rested for 300 and sixty-five days and woke up 300 and sixty- five times, it’s something you can’t account for yourself.

It was barely few hours to my birthday and my heart continued reflecting, It changed into addressing how the day would go, I was alert till 12 am that day, I transformed into thinking what to do,” it’s my birthday”. I took to my story to wish myself a cheerful birthday, yet I deleted it immediately, I played jams but the tunes sounded ordinary to me this time, I needed to turn it off, and this time calling friends wasn’t an option. it turned out to be that I wasn’t interested in anything at that point, I went into my room, feeling sad and I couldn’t explain why. Imploring God came to mind, so I sang praises and prayed, that then was the point I found peace within me. it was exactly 3 am and at that point, I went to sleep. I dozed off like a kid I was and woke up at 9 am. I’d missed loads of calls from friends and well-wishers before waking up from sleep.

In spite of the fact that my birthday was not planned, my family thought to surprise me. My sister bought a cake, Mum made chops and my father brought drinks, it transformed into a little house party and I had a good time. Love and support shown to me from my pals and family overwhelmed me, everything that ought to have been done outside was done inside in a touching way, I had a great time and wow I got exhausted and needed to rest a bit. At that point came a night out with Michael, I have always done this on my birthday. I’d earlier bought a bottle of Champaign and red wine, put everything out on the table, glasses, and pop the drink. The night out will surely resemble others. I wore the best dress that I brought out from my closet. After bathing, I began dressing for the evening. I wore a wonderful and subtle low-temperature cosmetics, a metal gold pencil heel shoe, this shading of the shoe is pleasant for a cocktail dress. I wore a little stud and complemented it with my dusky spiced scent. That was it for the night, I couldn’t have looked better than this. I filled the glass cups, sat down and there was Michael, we smiled at one another and grinned, at that point, Michael held my hand, smiled as he made a warmth wish, he stated: Dear pleasure, you’ve brought such a great amount of joy to my life and your friendship has, in reality, brought harmony to me, may your life be filled up with God’s ceaseless favors until the end of time. As indicated by Len Wein, ” A genuine companion is an individual who is there for you while he’d rather be anywhere else. We recalled growing up, so we laughed and tricked at one another, it was an awesome night, even the climate was good.

At some point, Michael began calling out my name, “Pleasure, Pleasure”, I was unable to discern why he repeatedly called out my name, was it all in my mind? his voice resounded so loud and noisy that It looked like the world was going to end, immediately, I got a tap on my lower back and I felt Shocked. I turned around and everyone was standing right close to me and my sister said, please, it’s your day, please be happy. I saw myself sitting on the sit that I sat on after I complained about being exhausted and still on the same shot I have been wearing since morning. “Michael wasn’t even there”, I felt bad, it was only an imagination. That was how my day went on the 5th of July 2020. One thing I know without a doubt is that 2021 will be better and every one of my creative minds will come to reality much as I expected and needed to be.

I’m using this opportunity to wish myself a cheerful belated birthday of another experience of 365days. My appreciation goes to God-Almighty for the great life he has given me and who made it possible for me to see another year, I don’t take his love for granted. I know this phase of life will pass and we’ll resume life norm

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