My Early Experience Working From Home

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Remote jobs are becoming common by the day. Back in the day, only a few companies knew that employees could work for companies from home.

Although the “whites” has been working this way for a long time, it is a recent development in Nigeria resulting from the emergence of information communication technology (ICT).

The problem now is not just people working from home, but the so-called technology is now replacing manpower with the machine, causing a lot of unemployment in Nigeria.

There is no doubt that working from home has it’s an advantage which includes: flexibility of work enjoyed by workers, less diversion from work, saves time, particularly here in Nigeria where we spend more time at work. You might also have the time to do other things because nobody is monitoring or overseeing you, especially in some organizations where you are still under supervision, even if you don’t have anything to do at the moment, but if you are working from home, you might have the opportunity to do other personal things when you are less busy. Nevertheless operating at home has its own vulnerability.

Many organizations sometimes suffer from this, some employees spend more time running their private businesses, making it difficult to focus or concentrate as much as possible on the organizational objectives. it also leads to low productivity because work is not taken seriously, it does not encourage teamwork, and we know what happens to organizations where there is no teamwork and coordination, there is likely to be poor efficiency, little or no innovation and ideas.

Organizations, where workers align with their values, would have a better result in efficiency and profitability. Remote work does not promote a good working relationship between co-workers as it is all man to himself because all energies are just focused on finishing the job given to you.

It wasn’t easy for me to cope with the new work environment when I started working remotely, and everyone thinks is a positive idea but I found it difficult to carry out my everyday tasks. The start was a difficult one since my alarm typically woke me up at the exact time I was supposed to start preparing for work, I wake and realize I wasn’t going to the office, then I would go back to sleep.

In the course of going back for the second round, I would exceed my resumption time for work. This continued for some time, I began to lose my creativity, the seriousness wasn’t there as usual because I felt too relaxed working from home. I tried to adapt to the system of working from home, I must confess that it wasn’t easy at all because I almost felt like I didn’t have a job. It happened to me for two months, I couldn’t deliver anymore, and couldn’t even comprehend what I was doing.

Most of the time, after working for a few hours, I would just go the parlor to relax for a few minutes, before you know what is happening, I would sleep and wake up after a couple of hours. It got to a point where I started losing interest in the job, but there was nothing I could do because I needed the money.

As time went on, I lost motivation, work atmosphere really motivates, particularly when you are slacking. So nothing motivates like being in a work environment where everyone is busy, doing one thing or the other and it pushes you too. My bad attitude to work almost cost me my job, and you know how difficult it is getting a job in Nigeria. So I had to make a decision to focus on my job and discipline myself to enable me to work well.

While I was contemplating on what to do, I recalled the story of a man who had resigned from his job, started using one of his room as his office. I heard this story during my service year and the man in question was invited to speak to us, so he told us his story to inspire us, this was actually funny to me at that time, I didn’t know I would need it someday, so I decided to try his Method. So I change one of the rooms in the house, It took me a couple of days to transform that room to an office. I set up a table, chair, system, and other office gadgets.

With this amount of structure, it is assumed that I now have an office, so I have to start acting like someone who works in the office. This time, I started waking up early to get ready for work, have breakfast, bath and wear my cooperate dress, shoe, and pick up my handbag. Then I would pass through the main door, leading to the gate, and walk through the back door, the back door is the door that connects to the office space. This kept going until I got used to it, I worked that way until I resigned and started working for myself. My decision to discipline myself and take the job seriously really helped me, I started thinking about owning a business of my own. So when I resigned, it wasn’t too difficult to manage my own business. If you are working for an organization and you have plans of setting up your own business in the future, just know the right time to live.

So I applied everything that I learned working for someone in my business, and I continued to invest in myself. I continued using the office and it motivated me to work well. No matter where you work, you just have to be focused and work as though you’re being watched and monitored by others. Sometimes work as if there is a boss there overseeing and telling you what to do, adequate supervision increases productivity and brings effectiveness. When you are operating remotely, you need to discipline yourself very well because that is the only way you can keep up with your everyday activities.

Overcoming the challenges of working from home will require some level of commitment from you, a high level of seriousness, dedication, determination, and patience. You need to learn how to manage your time, Set meetings on your calendar. More organizations are beginning to go remote. During the nationwide lockdown, several companies have learned that some workers can actually work from home, and some of these companies will continue to do so, because this pandemic is an eye-opener to them, so they now realize that some jobs can actually be done from home.

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