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I went out looking ready and beautiful to the studio, and my friend thought it an absolute joke, she said I can’t wear everything I intend using for the studio shoot from home.

Well, she wanted me to put them in my bag and change once I get there. I also wanted to do it differently this time, it generally had been that standard method of putting clothes in your bag and changing later, yet it doesn’t make a difference where you dress from.

You have the option to dress from home or when you get there, but most importantly, the purpose should be accomplished. When I got to the studio, the photographer asked me to change and get ready for the shoot, although he complimented my outfit but couldn’t imagine I had worn my array to the studio from home, because he was surprised when I told him I was set for it. That shoot was one among my best because we had fun, we had plenty to speak about emanating from me coming for shoot dressed from the house. After jokes, I stood up, smiled, and nodded my head, having this sense of confidence as I crushed on myself.

The image tells lots about me, when I’m busy and high, I maintain a facial expression so nothing distracts me from what I wish to achieve. My attire says the utmost amount as my character, as it is on real. Coupled with the fact that I was trying to recreate a look, I saw something comparable a little while before the shoot and it inspired me, so I recreated it. I’m wearing a peach wrap flawless chiffon outfit made of polyester, wine hat, and a wine lower leg pointed-toe boot with a low heel for a long walk.

There is something spectacular about my dress which is my love for wrap gown, I wouldn’t mind flaunting it over and over again. It has this interesting fitting and thus the peach also caught my attention. I love hues especially when it’s telling a story. All that I wore to the studio was a big deal to me lol, that is the reason why I smiled when my friend told me to put them in my bag, she didn’t know what this stylistic melange meant to me. Anytime something out there that keeps me occupied is considered important. So visiting the studio, looking set and heavy wasn’t a terrible idea. I’d thought earlier why I don’t take the activities of fashion seriously as a fashion lover, that thought gave me an insight of taking my fashion to the next level.

Something is lacking in these pictures, but I will love you to figure it out yourself. Meanwhile, the make-up was done by me. Makeup is one thing I never thought I could learn, it was so hard for me. I attempted it several times but all to no avail. My makeup artist was ever ready for me like we were living together, but no longer, courtesy the nationwide lockdown. The lockdown proved to me that with patience and determination you can do anything.

I had business meetings to attend online, and I needed to get dressed as I would do in a physical setting, so makeup was one of the things I learned during the lockdown and I’m glad I learned something while I was self-isolating in my room and it also kept me busy, I can also say there’s a large improvement compared to when I started and it will definitely get better.

So welcome back, remember I asked a question earlier, if you take a look at the pictures, you will find out my outfit wasn’t adorned. Well, my pal did everything viable to make me add it to my outfit, even though I’m not a fan of jewelry, I wear them for essential events or when it is highly required for photo-shoots. Truth is, accessories complement outfit but this time it was intentional not to wear them. For one reason; I wanted something different and simple in this picture. I’m sure not everyone paid attention to even notice it.

Few people will note it immediately they set their eyes on the picture. This also has a lot to tell us that we have unique individuals who react differently to things. If you give ten people, a specific thing to examine, you’ll find different correct views since everyone’s perception is not going to be the same.

So in fashion, Different individuals have various assessments about a specific pattern, and in some way or another, they can be correct in their own way. When people see photos, they are normally mindful of a particular component they love, take for instance, when a shoe freak sees a picture, the leg is the primary place she will look at, and any other thing might be inconsequential.

Fashion to me is wearing what makes you comfortable in a manner that doesn’t feel the same on someone else, fashion is creativity, and fashion is style. No wonder why Fashion enthusiasts will create and recreate both their ideas and other people’s ideas too. Sometimes you might just want to be creative regardless of whether you are into it or not, it mustn’t be the standard way, it doesn’t necessarily mean you do it how everyone is doing it, you can just envision a specific dress in your head or a dress you have already, then you can choose to change the neck or hand to something different and you will be astonished at the next style you come up with.

Truly, that little thing you include or deduct from the fabric, is the thing that makes it what it is and could turn into a pattern, which is creativity. The choice of the shoe also is a determinant factor, especially in attaining the type of look you want to portrait, it also determines how your outfit appears. I don’t mess with shoes, if you want to recreate this look in the photograph with a pencil sandal heel, you will get another appearance completely. This time you are probably going to be wearing an enchanting grinning face.

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